Q: Where can I buy a Cozzia Chair?
A: Cozzia chairs can be purchased from our authorized dealers.
Q: What is the warranty on Cozzia chairs?
A: Each of our Cozzia chairs has a unique warranty. Each individual warranty is listed on the chairs’ product page.
Q: What If I experience a problem with my Cozzia chair?
A: Email: Service@Cozziausa or call 877-977-0656 to speak to our customer service team.
Q: Where can I find my chair’s User Manual?
A: Here.
Q: What is the weight capacity on a Cozzia chair?
A: All of our Cozzia chairs can safely hold up to 300 LBS.
Q: Is there a height limit on the Cozzia chairs?
A: Cozzia models are designed to fit anyone approximately 5’ to 6’5” in height. However, the Cozzia model CZ-681 is designed with an extended length footrest, to accomidate an even taller individual. Additionally, the footrest length is adjustable on the following models: CZ-716, CZ-711, CZ-640, CZ-630, CZ-388.
Q: How long has Cozzia been making massage chairs and lift chairs?
A: For over 20 years, Cozzia’s parent company Xiamen Comfort Science and Technology has been a Global Leader in innovative seating and wellness solutions. Cozzia is proud to be the North American division bringing these unique wellness products to North America.
Q: Where are Cozzia chairs made?
A: All of our Cozzia chairs are made in our factory in Xiamen, China.
Q: Where is Cozzia based?
A: Cozzia’s marketing, sales, design team, customer service, and executive offices are based in Los Angeles, California.
Q: How do I clean my Cozzia chair?
A: To clean your chair you should simply dust/vacuum over the leather, wipe the chair using a cloth moistened in a warm mild soap solution, and then wipe with normal water. Do not use saddle soap, polishes, or waxes.