About Us

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Our Approach


 To create the best technology for wellness seating.


To design products that are appealing and tailored for you.


 To manufacture the highest quality product at the lowest cost.

We Know Massage

We love massage. To us, massage isn’t a luxury but a necessity to our health and wellbeing. With over 20 years of experience and the largest manufacturing facility of robotic massage globally, we design, manufacture, and market all things massage and work with industry leaders to bring you the best of the best.

Why Cozzia

We put you first. We build our products with you in mind and continually progress our technology to help you live a healthier life. At Cozzia, we’ve got your back.

Your Body, Your Chair

You know your body better than anyone else. When using a Cozzia chair you will be able to make fine-tune adjustments to the way that you sit, feel, and relax.

Unparalleled Service

 Even though we love technology, we understand that with customer service you want to talk to a real person. At Cozzia, we have a staff of representatives ready to take your call. We also provide the industry’s best hassle-free in-home service.

LA Design

Headquartered in Southern California, we have the best engineers and designers in the field that provide products created for the U.S. consumer.

Feel Younger

Cozzia products can help you become the best “you” possible. Massage promotes faster recovery after a workout or sports-related injury by reducing inflammation. Massage decreases the stress hormone Cortisol by up to 50%; Massage = less stress. Massage also helps you to relax your mind and body by releasing endorphins, reducing anxiety, and slowing your heart rate.

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All Cozzia Chairs

Pain Relief

When creating our wellness seating we learned that many factors affect body pain. Not only did our chairs need to massage the user, they needed to revitalize and restore our consumer’s health. One of the biggest sources of body pain stems from a person’s back, the Zero Gravity feature that many of our chairs encompass has the ability to decompress your spine and leave you ache-free. Additionally, the massage function that is featured in every Cozzia chair reduces muscle tension and stiffness.

Preventive Measures

Cozzia wants to help you move easier, stand taller, and live longer. Massage relaxes and loosens the muscles and joints, resulting in greater freedom and flexibility, and less pressure. With this, you are able to position your body in a healthy posture. Massage strengthens the immune system – massage increases your body’s natural pain killer cells and helps to fight against disease.

Live Healthier

Cozzia wants to help you to live a healthier life. The massage mechanisms in our chairs manipulate muscles, which increases blood flow; increasing blood flow accelerates circulation in the body. Constant massage also can lower blood pressure and improve heart health. Heat therapy located in our chairs reduces the sensation of pain and increases circulation to your injured areas. Furthermore, the components that many of our chairs have including: massage, heat therapy, Chromotherapy lighting, and music, help to stimulate your senses.