Chair Doctor.

Measures your tension. Creates custom massage.

Reads your back tension.

The exclusive Chair Doctor technology uses a hand-held body tension sensor to evaluate the stiffness in your back.

Prescribes specialized massage.

The Chair Doctor designs a personalized massage program to target your problem areas.

Tracks tension score history.

The Chair Doctor keeps a calendar of your past tension scores.

“The Cozzia Qi massage chair makes rest seriously smart”

“Reads your biometric data to design a custom massage suited to your stress points”

CES January 7th 2017

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The ultimate heated rollers.

There is heat in each of the rollers – so with every massage stroke you will feel relaxing heat on your back.

Kick off your shoes.

The Cozzia Qi’s quad rollers are our most advanced foot rollers. They have shiatsu sole rolling, with the addition of immersive air compression therapy that embraces your feet and calves and rotates your muscles to add a stretch element to the massage.

Vario Mechanism.

The 4D mechanism is able to travel vertically, horizontally, and in/out – with the addition of variations in the massage rhythm.

Vario Motion.

Massage that feels less like a robot, and more like a human. The Cozzia Qi’s Vario Motion™ mechanism provides the most human-like massage in the industry.

The Cozzia Qi

Superb Speakers

The Cozzia Qi has Bluetooth speakers built into the headrest, allowing you to play music through your chair from your smartphone or tablet.

Accessible Controls

The Cozzia Qi has easy-access buttons embedded into the armrest.

Smart Foot Massage

The Cozzia Qi’s Quad Rollers have shiatsu rolling and air compression massage that repositions your feet on the acupressure points to stimulate blood circulation.

Colorful Chromotherapy

We have built LED lighting into the Cozzia Qi massage chair to provide you with the benefits of chromotherapy. Chromotherapy is the practice of using colored lights to stimulate the senses and heal the body.

Intelligent iPad

Our iPad controller is app driven – because of this our programming will constantly be updated to the latest technology.

Ultra Heat

The massage rollers of the Cozzia Qi have heating built into them – with each massage stroke you will feel heat on your back.


Cozzia Qi CZ-730



Warranty: 3 years in-home service & 3 years parts
Weight capacity: 300 lbs

Technology Specifications


4D Human-like Vario Motion™ Mechanism
Chair Doctor Technology
5 inch 3D Node Extension
6 Unique Massage Techniques
13 World-Wide Auto Programs
4 Custom Stretch Massages
Unique Custom Massage Options
Foot and Sole Roller Massage

Air Massage

Shoulder Massage
Arm Massage
Seat and Thigh Massage
Foot and Calf Massage
64 Airbags
3 Air intensity Levels


Full Back Acupoint Heating
Chromotherapy Lighting
Bluetooth Speaker for Music
Precise Body Scanning
Max Massage Time: 20 Minutes


Dimensions (L x W x H): 63.4″ x 34″ x 47.2″
Full Recline (L x W x H): 77.2″ x 34″ x 32.7″
Power Voltage: 110 -120V
Rated Frequency: 60Hz
Weight Capacity: 300 LBS
Power Consumption: 140W
Power of Speakers: 14W (2 Sides)
Power Supply Wiring Length: 70.9”
Controller Wiring: 59.1”
Gross Weight: 315 LBS
Net Weight: 260 LBS
Usage Condition: Environmental
Temperature: 50’f – 104’f
Storage Temperature: 68’f – 140’f

Seat Adjustment

Quick Access Buttons Embedded in Armrest
Adjust backrest and footrest at any desirable position
Auto Leg Length Detectable
Inductive-stop Sensors in Footrest



iPad APP Remote Control
Tension Score History Chart



Must have a 36” doorway for chair delivery.
Box Dimensions (L x W x H): 73.5″ x 35.5″ x 34.5″
Weight: 315lbs


Child Protection Safety Lock
Equipped with Overheating
Power Surge Detector

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Love this chair

December 18, 2017

We love this chair, we looked at lots of chairs and I was content with one of the less expensive models but my wife went and sat in the cz-710 and that was it she is usually very frugal and never wants to pay more for extra luxuries, always wants the simplest and least expensive in every thing. But she has chronic neck and back pain, she said there was no comparisons this chair was that much better she sat there for a good 30 min. then I tried it it was a lot of money but well worth it we will use this chair every day.



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