Sit like an astronaut.

Zero Gravity Position mimics the position astronauts take during liftoff for a space mission. This position reduces compression of the spine and improves blood flow.

Advanced 3D massage.

A deeper and more human-like massage experience. With 3D Massage Technology, the roller mechanism in the chair has the ability to travel up/down, left/right, and in and out of your back. 3D Massage provides the option of a deeper and more customizable massage.

Power up your chair.

Using the power of the Cozzia CZ-630 and the touch-pad remote, you will have an unparalleled amount of massage options to choose from.

Give your feet a break.

Did you know that the reflex zones located in the soles of your feet can affect your entire body? We have included rollers in the footrest of this chair to massage the undersides of your feet, and to benefit your body as a whole.

The Cozzia CZ-630

Power Up Your Chair

With a total of 8 pre-programmed options, the CZ-630’s touch pad covers all your massage needs. You also have to ability to fine-tune your health by creating a custom massage with an abundance of options.

Intelligent Speakers

This chair has Bluetooth speakers built into the headrest, allowing you to play music through your chair from your smartphone or tablet.

Vibrant Chromotherapy

Chromotherapy lighting is included in the headrest of this chair. Chromotherapy is the practice of using colored lights to stimulate the senses and heal the body.

World-Wide Massages

Would you like a touch of Sweden? Would you like the opulence of Thailand? Would you like the history of China? At the touch of your finger you have 3 worldly massage styles built into the Cozzia CZ-630 to choose from.

Relaxing Foot Massage

The sole rollers on the footrest of the chair provide a relaxing, deep massage.

Advanced 3D Massage

3D technology allows the roller mechanism of the chair to travel up/down, left/right, and in and out of your back.

Incredible Zero Gravity

In Zero Gravity Position your legs are higher than your torso at a 120’ angle.





Warranty: 2 years in-home service & 2 years parts
Weight capacity: 300 lbs

Technology Specifications


3D Massage
3 inch 3D Node Extension
6 Unique Massage Techniques
8 World-Wide Auto Programs
Unique Custom Massage Options
Stretching Massage
Spot/Partial Massage
Foot and Sole Roller Massage

Air Massage

Shoulder Massage
Arm Massage
Seat and Thigh Massage
Foot and Calf Massage
64 Airbags
3 Air intensity Levels
Air Pressure Detection Sensor


Lumbar Heating
Chromotherapy Lighting
One-Touch Zero Gravity Position
Bluetooth Speaker for Music
Seat Vibration
Low Noise Design
Position Adjustment for Fine-Tuning of Body Position
Adjustable Massage Strength/Speed/3D
Precise Body Scanning
Max Massage Time: 30 Minutes


Dimensions (L x W x H): 53.5” x 33.4” x 51.2”
Full Recline (L x W x H): 72.8” x 33.4” x 42.1’
Power Voltage: 110-120V
Rated Frequency: 60Hz
Weight Capacity: 300 LBS
Power Consumption: 270W
Power of Speakers: 14W (2 Sides)
Power Supply Wiring Length: 70.9”
Controller Wiring: 59.1”
Gross Weight: 308.8 LBS
Net Weight: 269 LBS
Usage Condition: Environmental
Temperature: 50’f – 104’f
Storage Temperature: 68’f – 140’f

Seat Adjustment

One Touch Zero Gravity Position
Adjust backrest and footrest at any desirable position
Touch-stop Sensors in Footrest


Wired Touch-Screen Control


Box #1 Base (L x W x H): 52.4″ x 30” x 27.2”
Weight: 163lbs
Box #2 Side Panels (L x W x H)28.7″ x 13.8” x 39.6” 
Weight: 42lbs
Box #3 Backrest (L x W x H)56.3″ x 30” x 22.6” 
Weight: 103.8lbs


Equipped with Overheating
Power Surge Detector